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The MAX ID Store at the MAX eStore offers durable employee and visitor ID solutions for short-term and long-term workplace security needs. Serving offices, warehouses and schools, we carry a robust inventory of ID cards, lanyards, accessories and card printers from Brady People ID, Brady and other leading safety manufacturers. 

The MAX ID Store is committed to providing you quality products that last and the most innovative security techonologies on the market - like the TEMPBADGE self-expiring badge. Additionally, we offer you the ability to customize safety badges and lanyards to your needs - and make it easy with our online Design-Your-Own Lanyard and TEMPBADGE features. 
Click here for more about TEMPBADGE, the identification solution that grants visitors, contractors and temporary workers stickers and badges granting site access for one day, one week or one month before self-expiring without any additional action on your part.