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Document Tracking is the ongoing process of tracking the location, current user, descriptive details and status of all your critical documents.  Historically, many organizations track this information manually or do not have any tracking process in place.  The result is time-consuming searches for documents and lost productivity. The benefit of an automated document tracking solution is that it leads to up-to-date, accurate document information that improves document management, utilization and accountability.

  • Scanning of barcode labels provides quick, accurate and efficient data input
  • Scan documents at your desk or use the integrated portable scanner to track documents from any location
  • Integrated barcode label printing available
  • Ease of configuration and customization so the system can reflect your environment and is quickly deployed
  • Individual logins and a detailed change log ensures a high level of accountability
  • Built-in reports and filtering allow you to manage and view the data you need
  • Our optional Web based reporting lets you provide extensive reporting on any browser