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Bar Code Scanning Overview

Bar Code Scanning Overview
Since many options exists for Bar Code Scanning, the following is an overview of the range of scanning categories.  There are several areas of considerations which applies to most of the categories:
  • Rugged vs. office
  • 1D vs. 2D bar codes (1D unless you have 2D bar codes to scan)
  • Connections method to PC (USB is most common)
  • Special needs: Driver licenses scanning, Very small bar codes, uniques symbologies  
Categories ExamplesKey Points
Corded Handheld Scanners

  • Low cost
  • Emulates typing into PC applications
  • Cable connects Scanners to PC
  • USB is most common
  • 6 foot cables are common
Cordless Handheld Scanners
  • Functional same as the Corded Handheld Scanners
  • 30 -300 foot range
Smart Batch/Cordless Scanners
  • Batch or wireless connection
  • Scanner software programs can be make scanning smarter
  • Keypads for entries like quantities
  • Rugged
Hardware based Inventory scanners
  • Mobile
  • Common Applications like Asset Tracking
  • No Data management on PC
  • Configured and canned software not for Custom programing
Mobile Computer with integrated Bar Code scanning
  • Intelligent scanning because of local program
  • You can Scan into Excel Spreadsheets
  • Many Applications options
  • > $1K
  • Batch or Wireless