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Brady People Badge Buddies

Let your patients know who is caring for them using bold Badge Buddies

Making this easier on patients should be a main goal of any healthcare facility. An easy way to make things better for your patients is to reduce the anxiety that can come with wonders about who is providing care.

Many patients will see a variety of different personnel at a healthcare facility, including nurses, doctors, medical assistants and more. Names and faces can blur together, making "who are you, again?" a common refrain.

Those problems can be eliminated with Badge Buddies, our durable role-recognition cards designed to provide a worker's title at a glance.

These cards are made of a Synthetic Paper and feature a color bar with a printed title. These are Badge Buddies for respiratory therapists, featuring a green bar and printed white text.

Badge Buddies attach to an existing credential with a strap clip, badge reel or lanyard to become a complete ID solution. In some states, like Pennsylvania and Texas, Badge Buddies can be used to satisfy state healthcare ID requirements without issuing new badges to all of your staff.